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At Steel and Ink Studio, we are here for you when you’re ready to add some beautiful facial piercings St. Louis, MO.

We have skilled, well-trained, licensed and award-winning piercers passionate about their work.

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You want high-quality body jewelry and we have a great selection for you.

You want a great piercer and we have that for you as well.

Facial Piercings 

Whether you are new to facial piercings or you are looking to get more, you are smart to do some research. Not all studios are alike. We know you want a clean location with people that place high value on quality work. You want someone to help make your facial piercings successful. Our piercers strive to do the work you request. Perhaps you have your own idea — we are ready to make it work. We encourage personal design, so feel free to bring us your new ideas. 

Our Studio 

We take pride in our work – from the minute  you walk into our studio, it shows. We keep our work space clean. Our jewelry is high-quality including a wide choice for facial piercings. Each skilled piercer is dependable, friendly and caring. Come on in for a visit and take a look around. We make every client comfortable and that’s why we have so many that return again and again.

Piercing is a very competitive business with so many studios available. Therefore, we understand you have choices. We treat each client with respect as we assist with design and selection. Furthermore, we want you as a return client so we must do our best to meet your desires.

Give us a call to schedule your facial piercings St. Louis MO.  

Call Steel and Ink Studio today at: (314) 892-2828

  • Subdermals and Suspensions
  • Double and Triple Helixes
  • Basic and Exotic Piercings for these body areas: nose navel, ear, tongue and more!
  • nose
  • navel
  • ear
  • tongue
  • and more!

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