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Black and grey, watercolor, portrait, realism, lettering, trash polka, new school, traditional, neo-traditional, illustrative and blackwork tattoos … we can tattoo you in any style! Bring your design ideas to our tattoo artists!
We are a distributor of Redemption tattoo aftercare and Saniderm tattoo aftercare


Whether you want a navel piercing, nose piercing, ear, cheek or tongue piercing, or a private piercing elsewhere, our professional body piercers can help you six days a week!


Microblading and shading , Permanent Cosmetics (i.e. eyeliner , eyebrows , lips, etc.) Cosmetics Removal (removing and reworking any existing permanent makeup that you might have).

Jewelry & Merch

We have a large assortment of high quality Body Jewelry in 14 kt Gold, Titanium, 316L Surgical Stainless Steel easily paired to an array semi-precious gemstones. We are a proud distributor of NeilMed Fine Mist Piercing aftercare for your new body modification. Also available is our custom logo tattoo apparel in sizes for all ages and don’t forget to grab your FREE SITC vinyl decals when you stop by!

Since 2009, Steel and Ink Tattoo Studio has evolved into a holistic center of self-expression, movement, and breath while striving to give you the best tattoo experience with artistic elements in a clean, friendly and safe environment. Tattooing and Piercing is an art form that allows our bodies and minds transformation. 

We are proud to be a place where evolution can be easily accessed in our world class tattoo studio in South County, St. Louis, MO and are humbled by the opportunity to be the artist you choose to modify your skin. Your tattoo will last a lifetime and every body modification is a unique transformation. At Steel and Ink Tattoo Studio, we want to collaborate with you to create your vision into the best tattoo, piercing or modification in the St. Louis area!

Our services include permanent cosmetics, tattoos, body piercings, art, culture, and streetwear in St. Louis. Our studio’s licensed artists have over two decades of experience in professional tattooing and body piercing from all over the world. The owners of Steel & Ink Tattoo Studio are skilled artists and skilled business owners receiving several first-place awards for tattooing and the Woman of Distinction Award 2020 in Missouri for business owners. 


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“I am very impressed with their artistic creativity, professionalism, attention to detail and ultra clean environment.”

Robert Estrada

“I first came to this shop about 7 years ago and I must say I’ve never dreamt or desired going anywhere else. The environment is always full of positive energy, love and great music. I believe that Steel and Ink built a culture that pulls every customer back without words needed. With every tattoo I’ve gotten from Shaun I’m reminded that the quality at Steel and Ink can never be replicated or duplicated. Shaun has done my entire left arm free hand adding a detail of his own each time to allow every photo and every video I post to show his trademark skills. I’ve recommended everyone I train with in the gym, or work with to visit the shop, I’ve also recommended people who are on the fence about their first tattoo to definitely start with the staff here. In this day and age where tattoos shops are on more corners than McDonald’s or gas stations sometimes it’s easy for the real to get drown out. However, I never see that happening here. From the first introduction to the last part of wrapping your new ink up, you’ll feel the love the dedication and trust this shop radiates. Shaun has always done what was best for me as the client making sure my tattoo not only stands out but also tells a story I cannot always find the words to create. I look forward to many more tattoos many more memories and many more moments with the Steel and Ink crew, I’m truly grateful to have met this amazing staff and have so much love for them all. The culture here goes deeper than tattoos, it’s a movement and with everything they do for their clients and community words just aren’t enough to say thank you!”

Kelvin Avery

From the moment I walked in I felt welcome and at home. The man working at the counter had me flip through artist books and helped me pick the artist that best suited what I wanted. I picked Jake even though all artist were great. He drew my tattoo and it was above and beyond what I had wanted and the tattoo was very easy to sit through with how little it hurt compared to my others. It was about a month ago it healed great and is still bright. Thank you, Jake DeNoyer and Steel and Ink for being awesome

Laurel Taylor

“It was my first tattoo experience and while it was super terrifying I loved every single second (I came back for a few more before the month ended) the first tattoo was extremely special to me. Coming from Mexico I didn’t have anything. I grew up Poor and when I came to the United States it changed my life. I now work in finance and slowly becoming the successful adult my mother brought me to this country for. The first tattoo I got was the laurel, a type of evergreen shrub or small tree. In Ancient Rome, it was worn on the head as a symbol of triumph. I’m beyond humbled to be here and I want to remember my journey that was started 24 years ago in a small town in central Mexico.”

Diego Ovalle

“I will never go to another shop for any of my future tattoos. The people are so friendly and are great at their work.”

Richard Zacker

“People there are awesome make u feel right at home”

Mariella Vargas

My overall experience at Steel and Ink has been exemplary. I have gotten five tattoos so far and have been very pleased with the professionalism and quality of all my tattoos. The staff have been great to work with and I have to give a shout out to my artist, Brandie Medina, for her care when doing the tattoos and for her creative work with making/designing all of my tattoos exactly how I wanted. Brandie has such a caring personality, is upbeat and makes you feel as you are a part of the family. Everyone else in the shop is the same way. You always feel welcome when you are there. This speaks volumes when I say that I already have 2 more planned and am always excited to get them. I have to add that my family also goes to Steel and Ink. We would not even think of going anywhere else. Everyone who sees our tattoos always comments on how great they look and I know that Steel and Ink have ended up with friends of ours going there also with the same satisfaction. All the artists at Steel and Ink are great.

Terry Wirtel