An artist tattooing a woman’s backside

About The Artist

Hello, I am B, a tattoo artist,piercer and creator fueled by passion and gratitude. I am eternally grateful for the opportunity to co-create moments of beauty, resilience, and transformation for our community. Each appointment we share is not merely a transaction, but a sacred collaboration where trust, breath, expression and vision converge. Together we create moments of profound connection, laughter, meaning, and mutual respect. Your trust inspires me to push the boundaries of artistry with your support and faith in my abilities to leave a mark on both skin and soul.

My journey has been on this path for the last 25 years. Specifically in St. Louis for 15 years with Steel And Ink Studio in South County. My first Love was Body Piercing and then evolved into Tattooing.Through your stories, memories and imagination, I find my muse to create. While I love Sacred Geometry and Traditional styles of tattooing. I am also skilled in Realism, Black and Gray, Neo-Traditional, Blackwork, Japanese, Dotwork, Cover ups, and Permanent Makeup .This allows me to offer a unique aesthetic to support you on your journey of creative expression, while catering to diverse tastes and preferences within our community.

​Brandie Medina



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