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How old do I have to be to get a tattoo without a parent?2024-01-30T02:26:38-06:00

You have to be 18 years or older and have a government issued ID with a picture/name/DOB. (Passport, state ID, driver’s license)

Can I get tattooed if I am under 18?2024-01-30T02:28:28-06:00

Legally, the youngest we can tattoo is 14 years old (always up to artist’s discretion). To do so, we require a notarized minor consent form and the guardian who signs the form must be present with ID.

  • Note: we do NOT tattoo the face, neck, hands, or fingers on minors at all.
Where can I get a minor consent form?2024-02-09T13:59:46-06:00

You can get a minor consent form at the shop or from our website. Rayne is a notary who can notarize minor consent forms on days she is working at the shop. She will charge $15 CASH ONLY. Clients may still also go to a UPS, post office, library if needed.

What is the youngest you pierce ears on?2024-01-30T02:30:36-06:00

The youngest we pierce ears on is 4 years old. To do ear piercings on a minor, we require that the legal guardian is present with ID.

How old do I have to be to get facial/body piercings?2024-01-30T02:31:15-06:00

The youngest we do facial and body piercings on is 14 years old. To do so, we require a notarized minor consent form and the guardian who signs the form must be present with ID. (This excludes nipple and genital piercings, which are strictly 18+!)

Can I bring my child in the shop with me?2024-01-30T02:31:48-06:00

Unfortunately, we do not allow any infants, toddlers, or children in the shop. You may be asked to come back another day when you are able to come without them.

Do I need an appointment?2024-01-30T02:32:57-06:00
  • Piercings do not require an appointment. All piercings are done as first come first served walk-ins Monday-Saturday.
  • Tattoos less than 3 hours are just done as first come first served walk-ins Monday-Saturday from 12pm-7:30pm. 
  • Tattoos that are 3+ hours are only done as appointments. All artists have different appointment days. We recommend consulting with your artist before making an appointment.
How can I consult with an artist?2024-01-30T02:33:31-06:00

All artists have different in-person consultation days. If you are not able to come in on their designated day, you may consult through email or Instagram.

Do I have to put down a deposit?2024-01-30T02:34:05-06:00
  • Walk-ins do not require an appointment. 
  • Appointments require a minimum deposit of $75 that goes towards the final cost of the tattoo.
Can I get my deposit back?2024-01-30T02:34:38-06:00
  • Deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable to another client or artist. You may have 1 reschedule within 48 hours of your appointment (emergencies happen).
  •  More than 1 reschedule will result in a forfeit of your deposit. A no-call, no-show will result in a forfeit of your deposit. To reschedule, you will need to put down another deposit. 
Is there a minimum for tattoos?2024-01-30T02:35:07-06:00

Yes, our shop minimum is $75.

How much does a tattoo cost?2024-01-30T02:35:59-06:00
  • Walk-in tattoos are priced by the piece. We recommend talking to an artist in person and bringing reference photos to get an accurate estimate. 
  • Appointment tattoos are priced by the hour, ranging from $150-$175/hour depending on the artist.
Can I pay with a card?2024-01-30T02:36:32-06:00

Yes, we take cash, debit, credit, and Apple Pay. Cards have a 2% processing fee.

Do you sell gift cards?2024-01-30T02:37:03-06:00

Yes, physical gift cards can be bought in person and e-gift cards can be bought through our website.

Are tattoo touch ups free?2024-01-30T02:37:54-06:00
  • If you purchase tattoo aftercare (redemption ointment or saniderm) and go back to the original artist within 6 months, you get 1 free tattoo touchup.
  • Hands, fingers, and inner lip tattoos are excluded from this rule and don’t get free touch ups.
How much do piercings cost?2024-01-30T02:38:25-06:00
  • All piercings are priced differently. To get a price estimate, call the shop at 314-892-2828.
  • Jewelry changes, downsizes, and removals have a service fee of $20 (jewelry not included).
Can you do a coverup?2024-01-30T02:39:04-06:00

This depends on what you are trying to cover and what you want to cover it with. We highly recommend consulting with an artist in person to discuss all options.

Hours of operation?2024-01-30T02:39:37-06:00

We are open Monday-Saturday weekly from 12pm-8pm each day.

How can I book a tattoo appointment?2024-01-30T02:40:12-06:00

Tattoo appointments can be booked in person at the shop or online through our website.

Can I swim after getting tattooed?2024-01-30T02:41:04-06:00

For 2-3 weeks after getting tattooed, you cannot swim, soak your tattoo in water, or have it in direct sunlight. 

Is your shop wheelchair accessible?2024-01-30T02:41:34-06:00

Unfortunately, our shop is located on the second floor of the building and we do not have an elevator, just stairs.

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