As most know, the common birthstone for the month of April is a diamond! The diamond is such a classic, beautiful stone that comes in many different colors, cuts, and sizes! This stone is one of the most sought after gems in the world. There are lab-grown diamonds as well as natural diamonds, some of which are as old as 3 billion years. Diamonds are the hardest natural substance on the Earth, making them extremely durable and long-lived as far as being incorporated into wearable jewelry. Per the Gemological Institute of America, white diamonds are the most commonly used, but they come in all colors of the rainbow. Blue, green, orange, and red are the rarest.
One of the best parts about getting piercings is the fun of deciding what kind of jewelry you want to wear. There are endless combinations between metals, gold tones, gemstone sizes, colors, and shapes! This month, we want to feature some in-house jewelry that encompasses genuine diamonds. All of the genuine diamonds we currently carry are from the wonderful BVLA brand. There are marquise cut diamonds and of course, the classic round cut diamond too. All of the brilliant pieces pictured below are threadless jewelry that is compatible with a flat back post. This jewelry is very universal, as it can be worn in an upper helix, mid helix, flat, conch, earlobe, nostril, or even a lip! Remember, we can also do custom orders so you can have your own personalized piece of jewelry! Brands like BVLA, NeoMetal, and Anatometal all carry genuine diamonds as well as many other gemstones. Stop by Steel and Ink Studio TODAY to upgrade your jewelry! Diamonds are a girl’s (and guy’s) best friend!