Steel and Ink Studio will be attending the first annual Kansas City Tattoo Arts Convention May 1st- 3rd at the Sheraton at Crown Center in Kansas City Missouri. Steel and Ink will be open for business Friday May 1st, but will be closed Saturday the 2nd for the convention.

Tattoo conventions are events that are looked forward to by both tattoo artists and convention visitors. Its hard to describe the environment at a tattoo convention. If you’ve never been to one, you need to because you are missing out on a great time.  Just imagine it. You pay your admission, and enter the convention. There are rows of booths occupied by tattoo artists and piercers. Most if not all of the artists have their portfolios on display, and many have prints and original artwork for sale too. The amount of great art can be a bit overwhelming, some of the artists have even brought clients they’ve already tattooed to enter them in the convention’s tattoo contests. Somewhere in the middle of it all you find the artist with the perfect style for that piece you’ve been wanting. After a brief conversation you set up an appointment, so you decide to check out the live entertainment for a while. There is usually a variety of live entertainment at tattoo conventions; carnival style sideshows, live music, suspensions, and the daily tattoo contests are all common acts at tattoo conventions. Right before your appointment, you catch yourself thinking “Its almost a shame I’m about to be tattooed, I could watch these sideshows all day.” Before you know it, your tattoo is finished and the convention is winding down, and you can’t even remember the last time you had so much fun.

This is the experience you can expect from a good tattoo convention, If you are interested in having a great time, come join us in Kansas City.