Navel Piercings Done Right in St. Louis MO

So you’re ready for a new body modification? How about one or more navel piercings?

Steel and Ink Studio in St Louis specializes in customer satisfaction.

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Honestly, we want your piercing to be exactly what you want.

Seriously, our expert piercers are skilled and knowledgeable to guide you towards the best body modifications to fit your body as well as enhancing your personal aesthetics.

Have you already thought about piercing placements? Ideas about the best jewelry to fit your style? So then, do you know what jewelry materials will fit in with your placement?

Our professional piercers have many years of experience helping people like yourself with successful piercings. Afterwards, the aftercare is important for proper healing. Our piercers will instruct you for the best outcome. They know the art of the business and are available 6 days a week.

You really want your navel piercings to show your personality. Come on in and let us help you get the right piercing for you. Every piercing is custom fit for beauty and comfort.

Navel piercings done right – and available 6 days a week!

Call Steel and Ink in St Louis today at: (314) 892-2828

We offer a wide variety of services:

  • Ear piercings
  • Nose piercings
  • Facial piercings
  • Navel piercings
  • Tongue piercings
  • Double helixes
  • Triple helixes
  • Dermal implants
  • Subdermal implants
  • Suspensions
  • Dental gems

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