Learn About Traditional Tattoo Studio in St. Louis

At Steel and Ink we offer a traditional tattoo studio in St Louis. By the way, did you know many tattoo styles have historical meanings throughout the world? Our certified piercers can help in choosing your lifelong symbol(s) and traditional tattoos. Here, read on below to learn more.

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Especially, when you want a traditional tattoo perhaps you’ll want to do some research to understand the historical meaning. Additionally, you may choose a specific traditional design only or perhaps add your own personal ideas so it becomes more “you.”  Throughout the world, the process of getting a tattoo is a ritual. While the historical meaning behind each tattoo may be significant, the process is also meaningful.  Therefore, it’s important to learn the history from various cultures around the world that exhibit traditional tattoos. Thus, whether you’re looking for extensive traditional tattoo work or a more simple design, our traditional tattoo studio in St. Louis can help.

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A Traditional Tattoo Studio in St Louis

Here are some ideas for traditional tattoos:

  • Nautical tattoos
  • Animal tattoos
  • Skull tattoos
  • Military tattoos
  • Pin-up Girl tattoos
  • Heart tattoos
  • Ship tattoos
  • Beverage tattoos
  • Flower tattoos
  • World Cultures tattoos
  • Patriotic tattoos

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