-You gotta see this footage-

A young lady getting her ears pierced for her 6th Birthday!

Steel and Ink Tattoo and Piercing Studio

 3565 Ritz Center

St. Louis, Mo 63125


 A safe alternative to taking your child to your local mall or department store is to make a trip to Steel and Ink Tattoo and Piercing Studio. A couple benefits of utilizing your local St. Louis tattoo shop to pierce your children’s ears, is that our professional piercers are trained and licensed practitioners by the state of Missouri and not a sales person. Also, Steel and Ink Studio is monitored and inspected for sterility and compliance of the laws by the state of Missouri and the South County Health Department. There is a minimum of 3 inspections per year. We even have some of our local health department inspectors as our clients!

We take every procedure and client seriously and want to give you the best experience possible while transforming your body with a new tattoo or  body piercing. To view some of our tattoo artist or professional piercers portfolios you can go to www.steelandinkstudio.com or stop by and talk with us on your ideas and goals. Browse our large variety of 14 kt gold, titanium and surgical stainless steel jewelry. If  your life is as busy as ours then you can simply email us at [email protected] with any questions.

Thank you to the parents of this brave six year old for sending us this footage and trusting us with your child!