Minimalist Tattoos trending in 2018!

 Steel and Ink Tattoo Studio

3565 Ritz Ctr. St Louis, MO 63125

      Here at Steel and Ink Tattoo Studio we have seen many different tattoo trends, but we have yet to see a trend as impactful as Minimalist Tattoos!! The trend made its first appearance in St.Louis in 2017 and ever since then has taken St. Louis by storm. The concept of a minimalist tattoo has alot to do with the size of the tattoo and even more to do with the simplicity of the tattoo. Minimalist tattoos usually consist of continuous line designs and simple curves. Here are some examples of minimalist tattoos that we have done at Steel and Ink Tattoo Studio!


What attracts people to the minimalist tattoo most is the lack of complexity! It is a perfect style of tattoo for people who are wary of getting their first tattoo because it is small enough to not be overwhelming! They are a great first design to help ease people into the body art world and show them what to expect when getting a tattoo at Steel and Ink Studio, without the commitment of getting a large time consuming piece! Our artists at Steel and Ink Studio have also seen a huge influx of minimal script tattoos! They are truly the perfect addition to your tattoo collection or stunning on their own!


     Be sure to come up to Steel and Ink Tattoo and Piercing Studio in St. Louis to get your own minimalist tattoo & start off this spring the right way!