Here at Steel and Ink Tattoo and Piercing Studio, we will be holding fun-filled weeks of customer appreciation throughout 2022. Our customer appreciation will feature ‘Get What You Get’ specials for tattoos and piercings as a thank you to our wonderful community. Our tattoo specials will feature a 100 page book and 100 sided die from Tyson Arndt, and gumball and plinko games with custom traditional flash from all of the artists. The piercing special will be exciting blindfolded-picked piercings. (Don’t worry, you won’t be blindfolded while being pierced!) Our customer appreciation will also feature jewelry specials, t-shirt giveaways, and free gifts. These games will be available for the first two weeks of March, June, September, and December of 2022. All festivities will be accepted as walk-ins and will not require an appointment. The Steel and Ink Tattoo and Piercing crew are so grateful for our clients and felt it was necessary to give back in an exciting way, so here’s a big thank you to everyone who has come by to get a tattoo, piercing, buy merch or jewelry, or just to say hey! Also, don’t forget to stop by Steel and Ink Tattoo and Piercing studio once we are back open after our remodel. See you soon!