We have some exciting news here at Steel and Ink Tattoo and Piercing Studio! At the beginning of October, we will be remodeling the shop! We are so excited for this new chapter at Steel and Ink Tattoo and Piercing Studio and want to say a huge thank you to our community. Steel and Ink Studio is a holistic center for self expression, movement, and breath- a place where evolution is easily accessed. Our tattoo artists include Brandie, Shaun, Lorenzo, Aleenah, Sofi, and Rachel. Our piercing staff is Fino, Rayne and Mackenzie, and Ava works the front counter. Brandie loves doing color realism while Shaun’s favorite is black and gray realism. Lorenzo has been enjoying black and gray neo-traditional pieces. Aleenah loves color traditional tattoos while Sofi’s favorite tattoos are anime and cartoon themed. Rachel has been loving spooky black and gray pieces. As for piercers, Fino enjoys conch piercings. Rayne also loves conches and nipples. Mackenzie’s favorite piercings to do are noses and eyebrows. Make sure to swing by the shop in September before our remodel!