Did you know we sell high quality jewelry and do piercings as well? Come to Steel & Ink Tattoo Studio for a professional piercing experience and to buy the best jewelry. 

When choosing a piercing, it’s important to decide what qualities are most important to you. First, decide where you want the piercing, how many piercings you want and whether they will be studs, rods, plugs, hoops, dangles or tunnels. Next, it’s time to decide which earrings are best for you. Use the following steps to pick earrings:

  1. Pick the type of gold or material you want. If you want gold, pick between white gold, yellow gold or rose gold.
  2. Choose the quality of gold you want: this ranges from 14-karat to 18-karat. 
  3. Decide which stone you want, if any. This can be opal, moonstone, diamond, amethyst or others.
  4. Decide what shape you want, if any. Do you want a fun shape like the Cardinals logo? What about a bumble bee or skull? This is where you can let your creative side go wild! We have plenty of options to choose from. 

Not sure which to pick? Ask one of our employees and they’ll help guide you!