May and June are going to be very exciting here at Steel and Ink Tattoo Studio. Check out what we have going on in the next few weeks!


In just a couple days, Steel and Ink Tattoo Studio will be participating in another Friday the 13th tattoo sale! Friday the 13th is like a holiday in the tattoo industry and people have been celebrating it for decades. We will have 1 tattoo artist offering Friday the 13th tattoos this May on a first come first serve basis. There are 10 traditional designs to choose from, and they are all priced at $13 with a minimum of a $7 tip. Be sure to get to the shop early to make sure you get your Friday the 13th tattoo this week!

Speaking of 13, this year is Steel and Ink’s 13th year of business. Our 2nd week of Customer Appreciation will be during June 6th-11th and we are doing PLINKO-style Get What You Get tattoos. These will be done as walk-in tattoos all week and are just $100, which includes an aftercare kit and merch. We are so excited for PLINKO tattoos!

Last but certainly not least, we are welcoming another guest artist June 2nd-4th. Matt Soltys is a tattoo artist currently in Paducah, KY. He is looking to do color and black and gray realism pieces, and specifically, floral work, insects, skulls, occult work, and traditional black work. To book with Matt Soltys, stop by the shop to put down a $75 cash deposit. Hurry before all of his tattoo appointment slots are full!