What was considered to be delinquent behavior is now considered a genuine experience by popular culture. It is also considered to be an acceptable means of expression and commitment. Society has changed and quite rapidly.

      On a nice day in just about any public place, one can spot a tattoo about every five minutes, from the business man who had a portrait of his daughter put on him, to a young girl with a butterfly on her ankle and even people with extensive tattoo coverage. What is even more interesting is the rise in the number of people who are heavily tattooed and that they come from all different backgrounds. It seems acceptable for a person now to mark their body with something that means something. With all conventional means of remembering something expended, the tattoo is here and has taken its place.
      Tattoos have become therapy, they have become solutions to making people feel better about themselves. Chris Pfouts, the editor of “International Tattoo” magazine said “Many, many people get tattooed at low points in their lives, and the work is therapeutic that way. They feel boxed in, jammed up, unable to force a change anywhere in their lives- so they change the one thing they can for certain, their skin. This is one of the few times when tattooing flips its usual role. In other cases, people are taking what’s inside of them, their pain or happiness, and putting it on the outside. Getting tattooed as a last resort method of change takes what is outside- resistance, barriers – and possibly brings it inside, cuts it down to a size where it can be handled and overcome (4).” People have found this in tattooing and because of this it is becoming more and more accepted as more and more people are getting tattooed.
      People get tattoos when they are on vacation with loved ones to remember the moment forever or to mark a moment in their life when something monumental has happened to them. In a world of artificial amusement and products, many people are looking for a genuine experience.

       Also, increasing numbers of people who have serious medical conditions, such as diabetes, are turning to tattooing to identify themselves on the chance a health emergency leaves them unable to communicate, says Saleh Aldasouqi, a diabetes expert from Cape Girardeau, Mo., who will present a report on the topic Friday in Houston at the annual meeting of the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists.

      Whatever the reason  Memories, Self Expression , Therapy, Medical or you simply just loved getting tattooed. It is important to talk with your tattoo artist and make sure that there is good communication about the tattoo and the placement. Steel and Ink  Tattoo and Body Piercing Studio of St.Louis Mo gives FREE consultations to every client to ensure that you understand the process of tattooing and we understand exactly what you are wanting. 
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