First Place Color :
Awarded to Jake DeNoyer, 
Steel and Ink Tattoo Studio, STL

On May 18th, the crew of Steel and Ink Tattoo Studio closed up shop and headed to the Villain Arts Kansas City Tattoo Convention for the weekend to surround ourselves with amazing tattooing by great tattoo artists from all over the world. The convention houses some of the countries most versatile, unique styles of art on all mediums imaginable. There are also tattoo competitions that award the best tattoo artist that submit their best tattoos to the tattoo competition judges.

Through his rich, vibrant colors and solid shading in black work, it’s no wonder that Jake DeNoyer, won First Place in the large color tattoo category on Saturday!

Jake DeNoyer is an amazing tattoo artist who specializes in clean black lines and bold color with a wealth of talent to share. He enjoys tattooing neo-traditional, color realism, black and grey, and illustrative tattoos on living canvases. When  you are considering around your next tattoo you can email Jake at [email protected] to submit you tattoo inquiries, or stop by Steel and Ink Tattoo and Piercing Studio, located at 3565 Ritz Center, St. Louis, MO 63125 to get your consultation with one of the best tattoo artist in St Louis, MO!