Topical Skin Spray

NEW!!! At Steel & Ink Tattoo and Piercing Studio

     Briotech Topical Skin Spray is a versatile all-natural and highly-effective body piercing aftercare that is an electrically charged signaling solution that mimics the essence of human healing, as based on the science of Hypochlorous Acid- an organic and naturally-occurring product of our internal defense system! In a nut shell our new aftercare not only cleans your new body piercing, but actually heals with  HOCL which is naturally found in our internal defense system.
What is HOCL?
     As an element of human healing, HOCL is an important component of our internal defense system that is produced in small amounts inside our bodies during the process of phagocytosis. It works as a highly-active, natural blood cell product to defend our bodies against bacteria and viruses by fighting infection and reducing inflammation of your new piercing!
Benefits of Briotech for your new piercing!
  • An all-natural, electrically charged signaling solution that works to support the healing of your new piercing
  • Hypo-allergenic, non-irritating, does not clog pores.
  • Contains HOCL to promote healing from inside the body
  • Free of alcohol, oil, fragrance, parabens, sulfates and other preservatives
Briotech is included with every purchase of a new piercing at Steel & Ink Tattoo and Piercing Studio, St Louis, MO . Steel & Ink Studio is working hard to ensure that each and everyone of our clients receives quality artwork and  perfect body modifications with the best aftercare in the Tattoo and Piercing Industry.